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Natalie means "birth of the Lord." Because of that, it's associated with Christmas and Christian beliefs. The name was traditionally used for girls born in December. With its birthday associations, Natalie is a name that's linked to rebirth and fresh starts.

The name feels modern, but Natalie traces its roots all the way back to Latin. In that language – the precursor to many European languages – the phrase natale domini (birth of the Lord) gave rise to the name Natalie.

Both Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic traditions celebrate a Saint Natalia whose given name was Natalie. One Natalie (later Saint Natalia de Cordoba) was the wife of Aurelius. In the year 852, when Spain was under Islamic rule, the couple and their cousins were executed for professing their Christianity. In Roman Catholic tradition the Feast of Saint Natalia is celebrated on July 27.

The Eastern Orthodox tradition focuses more on Saint Natalia of Nicomedia, wife of Saint Adrian of Nicomedia, also known as Hadrian. Natalia instructed her husband about Christian faith until he was executed for his beliefs in 304. She is commemorated on August 26.

Because of the importance of Saint Natalia in Eastern Orthodox traditions, the name became popular for girls in Russia. When the Russian Ballet traveled to Paris in the 1900s, the name spread to French speakers. Before long, Natalie took off in the English-speaking world.

In the United States, the name Natalie has been steadily climbing the charts since the 1960s. The name 's popularity peaked in 2008, when Natalie hit spot 13 on the Social Security Administration's list of top girl names. In 2020, Natalie was ranked 51 for girls. That position means that the name is familiar to most people, but your daughter is unlikely to have another Natalie in her class.

This girls ' name is pronounced nat-uh-lee, although some people prefer the pronunciation nat-ill-ee. Natalie is a popular spelling, while Natalia is a common spin-off. Natalie can also be spelled as Nathalie, Natalee, Natali, Nataleigh, or Nataly.

Natalie is ripe with nickname potential. Options include Nat, Lee, Talia, Tali, Nelly, Netta, Nia, or Allie.

If you're looking for a name that reflects your faith or celebrates a December birthday, Natalie fits the bill. But with its associations with rebirth and birthdays in general, Natalie is a nice pick for any baby girl.

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Nat Natalee Natalia Natalija Nataliya Natalya Nathalia Nathalie
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