Isaac:One who brings laughter

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Derived from the Hebrew Yitzhak, Isaac means "he will laugh." Isaac is a classic, biblical name with a rich history. In the Bible, Isaac is one of the three patriarchs of the Israelites. He's the son of the elderly Sarah and Abraham. Fun fact: The name is thought to have gained its meaning because news of Abraham and Sarah having a child at such an old age evoked laughter.

While the name Isaac is significant to those of the Christian and Jewish faiths, it's also a common name among Muslims. In the Quran, Isaac is mentioned 15 times.

This strong, two-syllable name is pronounced "EYE-zik." It's most commonly spelled Isaac, but you may occasionally see it spelled Izaak or Isaak. Possible nicknames include Ike, Ikey, and Ise. Similar boy names that start with I include Ivan, Isaiah, Irwin, and Ismael.

Isaac was a common name in the early 20th century, but then dipped in popularity for many years. In the 1990s, Isaac jumped back into the top 100 boy names in the United States. It has continued its rise and has been in the top 50 boy names on the Social Security Administration list since 2013.

Given Isaac's rich history and modern appeal, as well as its religious significance, you can expect to see Isaac on top baby name charts for many years to come.

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Isaak Izak
Famous Isaac:

Isaac Newton : English mathematician, astronomer, and physicist, widely recognized as one of the greatest scientists of all time

Isaac Asimov : Russian-born American writer and chemist

Isaac Barrow : English mathematician and theologian who played an early role in the development of calculus

Isaac Brock : American musician and lead singer of the band Modest Mouse

Isaac Casaubon : French-born British scholar and philologist who studied the history of languages

Isaac Hanson : American singer and founding member of the three-person band of brothers, Hanson

Isaac Kashdan : American chess grandmaster who was twice U.S. Open champion

Isaac Peral : Spanish engineer, naval officer, and designer of the first successful full-electric battery-powered submarine

Isaac Shelby : First governor of Kentucky

Isaac Singer : Businessman and investor best known for developing the Singer sewing machine

Isaac Watts : English Christian minister, theologian and hymn writer

Isaac Asimov : author

Isaac Brown : football player

Isaac Curtis : football player

Isaac Hanson : musician

Isaac Newton : scientist

Isaac Oliver : artist

Isaac Stern : musician