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The name Grace is of Latin origin, meaning "goodness" and "generosity." In Greek mythology, Grace refers to the three Charites or Graces – goddesses of charm, beauty, and creativity.

Grace is connected to the religious concept of divine grace – the love and mercy freely given by God. And of course, grace is an English noun defined as "simple elegance or refinement of movement" or "courteous goodwill."

The name Grace doesn 't have any common spelling variations, though you may occasionally see it spelled as Grayce or Grayse. Some parents choose the more gender-neutral name Gray or Grayson as an alternative.

Similar to other classic names like Elizabeth, Alice, and Rose, Grace stands the test of time. Its simple elegance and sweet meaning appeal to many different types of parents. Variations of the name include Gracia, Gracyn, Graciella and Gracelynn. Given its short and sweet nature, Grace isn't commonly abbreviated, though you could put a more playful spin on it with the nicknames Gracie or Gigi.

Grace has been around for thousands of years and was popular with the Puritans in the 16th century. They loved "virtue names" like Faith, Hope, and Charity. Since then, the name Grace has spread throughout the world. Given its rich history, Grace is a name that feels both vintage and traditional, but with a more modern sound.

Grace was commonly used throughout the Victorian era, and was the 14th most popular girl name in the United States in the 1880s. It was also a top-20 name in the 1900s, but then declined for several decades. By the 1990s, Grace started rising again and has been climbing the baby name popularity charts ever since. Since 1999, it 's been in the top 30 girl names on the Social Security Administration's list.

Grace is a classic, elegant, and sweet name that is simple to say and spell. Given its beauty and modern appeal, you can expect Grace to remain popular for centuries to come.

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Also Spelled Like...:
Gracee Gracelyn Gracelynn Gracelynne Gracey Gracie Graciela Grayce
Famous Grace:

Grace Kelly : American actress who became the Princess of Monaco

Grace Jones : Jamaican-American singer, songwriter, model, and actress

Grace Slick : American artist and painter, lead singer of Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship

Grace Bauer : American poet

Grace Lumpkin : American author known for her 1932 novel, To Make My Bread

Gracie Gillam : American actress known for her roles in the Disney Channel movies Teen Beach Movie and Beach 2

Grace Noll Crowell : American poet and author

Grace Ingalls : Youngest sister of American author Laura Ingalls Wilder; featured in the Little House on the Prairie books

Grace Zabriske : American actress known for her role as Sarah Palmer on the television show Twin Peaks

Grace Coolidge : U.S. First Lady in the 20th century

Grace Kelly : actress

Grace Park : professional golfer

Grace Abbott : writer

Grace Boylan : published author

Grace Collin : published author

Grace Cooke : published author

Grace Denison : published author

Grace Foakes : writer

Grace Green : published author

Grace Henry : artist

Grace Irwin : writer

Grace Jones : actress

Grace King : published author

Grace Moore : actress

Grace Nichols : writer

Grace Polit : artist

Grace Roosevelt : published author

Grace Phipps : actress, singer

Grace Hopper : scientist