Gabriel:God's bravest man

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Gabriel is a name of Hebrew origin that means "God is my strength" or "a hero of God." The name has significant meaning to those of the Christian faith because Gabriel is the angel in the Bible who tells Mary she will bear the son of God. Because of this, the name Gabriel is associated with being the bearer of good news.

This name is also important in the Muslim faith: Gabriel is an angel who visits Muhammad and inspires him to write the Quran. But plenty of non-religious parents appreciate the name, too. Regardless of your religious affiliation, Gabriel is a name with a long and rich history and profound meaning.

Gabriel is pronounced "gay-bree-uhl" and doesn't have common spelling variations in English. Its most common nickname is the short and sweet Gabe.

Gabriel is considered to be a masculine name, though there are several feminine variations, including Gabrielle and Gabriela. Gabriel is a name used around the world and has many variations in different languages, including Cebrail (Turkish) and Gabriele (Italian).

Gabriel was a fairly uncommon name in the 20th century, but it took off in the 2000s, soaring to the top 50 boy names on the Social Security Administration's list. It's stayed in the top 50 ever since.

Gabriel is a strong name with deep historical roots, making it a solid choice for those in search of a name with significant meaning.

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Famous Gabriel:

Gabriel García Márquez : Colombian novelist and recipient of the Nobel Prize in literature

Gabriel Byrne : Irish actor, director, and film producer

Prince Gabriel of Belgium : European prince born in 2003

Gabriel de Broglie : French historian and politician

Gabriel Bateman : American actor best known for his roles in horror films

Gabriel Iglesias : American comedian who goes by the stage name "Fluffy"

Gabe Kapler : Former American professional baseball player

Gabriel Casaccia : Paraguayan novelist, known as the father of Paraguayan literature

Gabriel Chevallier : French writer and novelist known for the satire Clochemerle

Gabriel Davis : American professional football player

Gabriel Garcia Marquez : author

Gabriel Byrne : actor

Gabriel Carpenter : actor

Gabriel Harvey : author

Gabriel Mann : actor

Gabriel Helms : football player