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Emma means "universal" or "whole" – and it seems to be almost universally popular among new parents! Emma has been one of the top three most popular girl names in the United States since 2003. To put it in context, Emmas born when the name first entered the top three are graduating from high school, so it 's fair to say that Emma has had an impressive run. That modern surge in popularity is reason enough to consider Emma, but let's back up and look at Emma 's origin story. This name has Germanic roots, stemming from the Old German word "ermen" or "irmen," which means "universal." Emma is pronounced "Em-uh." The name is sweet and pleasant, with soothing vowel sounds like Ava, Mia, and other top names for girls. It's also easy to pronounce and understand across cultures. There are no widely accepted spelling variations for Emma, although some parents choose related names like Emalyn or Emaline. Emma doesn 't beg for a nickname, but several cute options exist, like Emmy and Em. The name has a long and storied history in Europe. In fact, Emma caught on in England with the rise of Emma of Normandy in the early 1000s. Emma was married to two different kings (who had stellar names themselves: Æthelred the Unready and Cnut the Great). Through her marriages, Emma became Queen of England, Denmark, and Normandy. She was also the richest woman in England for a stint, solidifying her name's status in history. Since then, Emma has benefitted from being a favorite of writers like Jane Austen. Emma Woodhouse is the protagonist of Austen 's 1816 novel Emma. Like many of Austin's characters, Emma is complex. She 's smart, beautiful, and rich, but she also loves to meddle in the lives of people around her. Emma is very strong-willed, a trait that many modern parents want for their daughters. There was another famous Emma in the 1800s: Emma Hamilton, better known as Lady Hamilton. This Emma was a maid, but she quickly rose through the ranks of Victorian England, becoming the mistress of prominent naval officer Lord Nelson and the wife of diplomat Sir William Hamilton. Lady Hamilton is well-remembered because she sat for many portraits painted by George Romney, the most famous painter of the time. Some say that Emma was Romney's muse. Around 200 years later, Emma got another boost when Friends writers chose the name for the baby daughter of Rachel and Ross. Emma was born on the season 8 finale of the show, which aired in May 2002. By the end of that year, Emma had skyrocketed up the Social Security Administration 's list of top baby names to spot 4. In 2003 Emma entered the top three, where it has remained since. For five straight years, from 2014 to 2018, Emma was the most popular girls' name in the country, given to more than 18,000 baby girls annually. If you love Emma, but are wary of such a popular name, keep in mind that even the most popular names in the U.S. are given to just a tiny fraction of babies born in a year. Emma has lots of perks, so parents who appreciate this universally loved name shouldn't be put off by its popularity.
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Em Ema Emmi Emmie Emmy
Famous Emma:

Emma Watson : Actress known for roles in Harry Potter and Beauty and the Beast

Emma Thompson : Actress known for roles in Love Actually and Sense and Sensibility

Emma Stone : Actress known for roles in The Help, La La Land, and Cruella

Emma Roberts : Actress and niece of Julia Roberts

Emma Raducanu : British professional tennis player and US Open champion

Emma Reyes : Colombian painter

Emma Lahana : New Zealand actress and singer

Emma Chamberlain : YouTube video creator and social media influencer

Emma Caulfield : actress

Emma Churchill : founder of the Salvation Army in Newfoundland

Emma Darwin : wife of Charles Darwin

Emma Lazarus : poet

Emma Samms : English actress

Emma Thomson : actress

Emma Watson : English actress

Emma Lung : actress

Emma Miles : published author

Emma Miles : published author

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