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Connor is a name that means "lover of hounds" or "wise" and has Irish and Scottish roots. No matter which meaning you ascribe to it, Connor is a timeless name that has been popular for boys for more than 20 years.

The Irish origin of Connor is traced to the Gaelic name Conchobhar, which means "lover of hounds." In Irish myths and legends, dogs are revered: They symbolize loyalty and are taken to be a sign of good luck. Anyone who's a lover of hounds embodies those characteristics.

The name Conor, an alternative spelling, is linked to the mythical Irish king of Ulster. According to legend, Conor was given the sovereign role for one year, but he became so popular that he continued to rule long after that.

Many would say that the Scottish meaning of Connor, "wise," isn't far off from the Gaelic meaning. It's a wise man who recognizes and treasures the loyal and loving presences in his life.

For modern American parents, Connor is a name that's solid and significant. The name has been used for generations and is a great way to honor Irish or Scottish heritage. It's easy to pronounce, but not overused, striking the perfect balance between individuality and popularity.

Connor is pronounced "CON-er." There are a few different variations in spelling, though in the United States the spelling Connor is most popular. The alternative Conor traces its roots all the way back to mythical times. More recently, Conner has taken hold as well. In Ireland, Conor is considered a first name, while the Conner spelling is used for surnames.

Connor is a simple, straightforward, and standup first name for your child. They'll never have to clarify pronunciation, although they might have to spell their name from time to time. Connor embodies the qualities that we all want for our children – love, loyalty, and wisdom. It's no wonder that this name has stood the test of time.

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