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Christian is a name of Latin origin that means "follower of Christ." The name was first used in the New Testament of the Bible to refer to early Christians. Interestingly, it may have been used derisively at first – but Christian quickly became the preferred term for followers of the young religion.

Christian rose to popularity as a name for both men and women during the Middle Ages in Europe. It was the name of many kings of Denmark and a Queen (Christina) of Sweden. It's also the middle name of the beloved 19th-century author Hans Christian Andersen, who's famous for writing fairy tales including The Little Mermaid, The Snow Queen, and The Emperor's New Clothes. There are also many modern famous folks who bear this name, like actor Christian Bale and fashion designer Christian Dior.

The name Christian is popular around the world, and has many variations in both spelling and pronunciation, such as:

  • Kristian (Czech, Swedish)
  • Karsten (Norwegian)
  • Cristiano (Italian, Portuguese)
  • Cristian (Spanish)
  • Christian (French)
  • Christiaan (Dutch)
  • Kristijan (Croatian)
  • Krystian (Polish)

Christian can be a gender-neutral name but is mostly used for boys. Female variations of the name include Christina, Christine, Christiane, Kristine, Kristen, Kirsten, and Christa.

The decline may be because fewer Americans identify as religious, or simply because Christian is going through the typical baby name cycle in which popular names eventually fall out of favor. But many parents still choose Christian – either for religious reasons, to honor a family member, or because they like the sound or flow of the name. Christian remains a classic with a rich history, and it's likely to continue as a popular name.

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Christian Bale : English actor known for American Hustle, The Fighter, The Dark Knight, and other films

Christian Siriano : American fashion designer, rose to fame after winning on Project Runway

Christian Dior : French fashion designer and founder of Christian Dior SE

Christian Slater : American actor known for Heathers, True Romance, and Mr. Robot

Christian Louboutin : French-Egyptian fashion designer famous for his shoes

Christian Serratos : American actress known for The Walking Dead

Christian Slater : actor

Christian Bale : actor

Christian Broce : football player

Christian Campbell : actor

Christian Dior : fashion designer

Christian Gomez : soccer player

Christian Mohr : football player