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Avery is a gender-neutral name that means "ruler of the elves" or "wise." The name has a whimsical feel, drawing in elements of nature and mysticism. But because Avery has been around so long, it also feels deeply rooted, solid, and respectable.

Avery is used in both English and French. It's believed that the name stretches all the way back to the Anglo-Saxons, who spread throughout Europe from 400 to 1000 A.D. In the Anglo-Saxon language, Ælfræd meant elf, and rihhi meant ruler. These elements combine in Avery.

In Anglo-Saxon traditions, elves bridge the gap between nature and humans. They are close associates of fairies. Elves are thought to be powerful, knowledgeable, and wise, but they can be tricksters as well. Elves are believed to have powerful hearing, so they perceive things that many other creatures – humans included – overlook. They are often associated with magic or mysticism, since they have an understanding of things beyond human comprehension. Because of the elven connection, Avery can signify deep understanding of and communion with nature, or even the divine.

Traditionally, Avery was a boys ' name. In the United States, Avery was popular for boys from the 1880s through the first half of the 1900s. One literary example is Avery Arabel, Fern's brother in E.B. White 's 1952 classic Charlotte's Web.

The new millennium brought a new role for Avery – the name started to surge in popularity for girls around the year 2000. As it took off for girls, the name lost traction with boys. According to the Social Security Administration, Avery was used for boys 100 percent of the time in 1880, but by 1999 the name had switched, being used for girls 52 percent of the time. By 2018, Avery was used for girls 97 percent of the time.

That doesn 't mean that Avery is off limits for baby boys: Avery has a long history with boys, and is accepted as a gender-neutral name. In fact, it's the most popular gender-neutral name in the country.

Avery has two common pronunciations, which might depend on the region where you live. Some people use a two-syllable pronunciation: "AVE-ree." Others, particularly in the South, opt for a three-syllable pronunciation: "AY-ver-ee." Either one is correct.

Likewise, Avery has various spelling options. Avery is by far the most common, but variations include Averie, Avarie, Avry, Averey, Avary and Avari.

Whether you believe in the magic of elves, want to bestow a touch of wisdom, or are searching for a truly gender-neutral name, Avery is an attractive option.

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